Steelo brim‏‏ Net worth 2017

Steelo brim‏‏ Net worth Forbes and Salary 2017:

Steelo brim‏‏ is an American producer, actor, and television host .he was born Sterling Brim on June 15, 1988 in Chicago, Illinois, .he became known for hosting the MTV series Ridiculousness, which first aired in 2011.

 Steelo brim‏‏: The Beginning of success:

Steelo brim‏‏ started his career in 2001 when he landed a small role on Hardball movie .At the age of 19, Brim moved to Los Angeles to start a career in the music industry when he worked in radio and A&R then he began to get famous thanks to his appearing as a regular host on Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory since 2009.In 2011, he was invited to co-host with Rob Dyrdek on Ridiculousness which helped increase his income and fame even more. he is now Creative Producer as well as co-host. He was given his first voice acting role as Meaty on the animated series Wild Grinders in 2012.

Steelo brim‏‏ Personal Information:

Steelo brim‏‏ Height: 6 ft 1in (185 cm)

Steelo brim‏‏ Weight: unavailable

Steelo brim‏‏ quotes: “I think either Russ or Harden is Co-MVPs or its Russ award. Only becuz if u takes Russ off OKC they’re one of the worst teams in the league.

“Derrick Rose stills the truth to me. You can hate and joke about that man but he’s the youngest MVP ever and u at home reading this”

Steelo brim‏‏ makes money through his earning from acting and hosting he also earn from YouTube videos allowing him to reach a Net Worth of   $ 1million.

Family and relationship:

He and his siblings were born into a family of pastors which is a religious family.

Awards and nominations:

2014 – DJ Mag Awards – Top 100 DJs he was No. 63 –

2015 – DJ Mag Awards – Top 100 DJs he was No. 88 –

2016 – DJ Mag Awards – Top 100 DJs he was No. 84 –

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