Sodapoppin Net worth 2017

Sodapoppin Net worth Forbes and Salary 2017:

Sodapoppin is an American famous Vlogger Twitch live streamer and popular YouTube  .he was born Chance Morris on February 15, 1994 in Texas in USA .he has been famous for creating gaming and comedy content online he is so famous on twitch site for streaming games videos .

 Sodapoppin: The Beginning of success:

Sodapoppin started his career in 2012 by creating his YouTube channel called Sodapoppin33 which he’s been using it just for fun like a hobby but after a while he gain lot of followers and start to get widely known on the streaming field of gaming with help of the twitch plate form for streaming .He has over a million followers on Twitch with over 100 million views. He also started his YouTube channel in April 2012 and has over 500,000 subscribers. His first video upload to YouTube came on June 20, 2012. It was titled « Sodapoppin Playing Amnesia 2. » He is also the number one player in the amusement World of Warcraft which he started streaming it in Xfire with alittle viewer before he became famous on twitch.

Sodapoppin Personal Information:

Sodapoppin Height: unavailable

Sodapoppin Weight: unavailable

Sodapoppin quotes: “Jesus no scary game has actually manages to mentally exhaust me as much as Welcome to the Game just did…. Sodapoppin.

Sodapoppin makes money through his earning publishing funny videos on YouTube and streaming himself playing videos games on twitch platform allowing him to reach a Net Worth of   $ 350.000.

Family and relationship:

He’s dating hot Twitch streamer known under the nickname LegendaryLea. Her real name is Lea May.


According to rumors, Sodapoppin lost $5,000 in a single hand of online blackjack. If that’s true, you get the idea how financially well off he must be. His net worth will probably continue to rise as his followers are constantly increasing in numbers.

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