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Rob Dyrdek Net Worth 2017

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth Forbes and Salary 2017:

Rob Dyrdek  is an American professional skateboarder, actor, entrepreneur, producer, and reality TV star. He was born on June 28, 1974 in Kettering, Ohio. He is famous for his roles in the reality shows Rob and Big, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness.

Rob Dyrdek: The Beginning of success:

Rob Dyrdek started skateboarding at the age of 11 when he received his first skateboarder.  One year later, he won his first skating sponsorship.

He was named by Fox as one of the most influential skateboarders in history.

Rob Dyrdek Personal Informations:

Rob Dyrdek Height: 5 feet 7 in (170 cm)

Rob Dyrdek Weight135lbs (61 kg)

Rob Dyrdek quotes: The evolution of the plaza always came from the idea of just a really good place to ride a skateboard that you could ride at anytime, and that’s what the foundation always stands for – being a place that’s free, open and legal… for those that are technical, to do really hard stuff, and for those who are learning, to just have fun.

He made his fortune basically by being professional skateboarder and has a  net worth of $50 million .

Family and relationship:

Rob Dyrdek has one Sister Denise. He is married with Bryiana Noelle Flores in 2015 and the couple had a son named Kodah.

Both his cousins Scott and Christopher Pfaff, have appeared with him in his Reality TV’s Shows.

Awards and nominations:

2014- World Record for the Farthest reverse ramp jump by a car: 89 feet 3.25 inches (27.21 m).

2007- World Record for the World Record for the highest skateboard ramp jump into water: 10 feet 8 inches (3.29 m).

2007- World Record for the Longest board slide: 100 feet 5.75 inches (30.62 m).

2007- World Record for the Longest 50-50 rail grind: 100 feet 5.75 inches (30.62 m).

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Rob Dyrdek: I made $17 on my $1.8 million movie.

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