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Ricegum Net Worth 2017

Ricegum Net Worth Forbes and Salary 2017:

better known as Ricegum is an American Youtube Star and internet personality. He was born on November 19, 1996, in the United States of America.

Ricegum is known for posting videos on YouTube and specially his post These Kids Must Be Stopped series where he exposed different internet stars. He is also vbologger and Game commentator.

Ricegum: The Beginning of success:

RiceGum started his career in 2012 when he created his Youtube channel, He initially joined YouTube as a gamer, posting Call of Duty content, but it didnt go well for him until he uploaded a video titled These Kids Must Be Stopped, in 2015, where he brought attention to various teenage internet stars for their poor behavoir. RiceGum YouTube channel has over 5.4 million subscribers.

Ricegum Personal Informations:

Ricegum Height6 feet 3 in (190 cm)

Ricegum Weight155 lbs (71 kg)

Ricegum quotes: If we went by the world’s definition of who I’m supposed to be because I look weird… ‘Well, surely, this guy can’t have a productive life, surely, he doesn’t have a sense of humor. Surely, he can’t love life.’ We stereotype people in this world. And so… if the world thinks you’re not good enough, it’s a lie, you know. Get a second opinion.

Ricegum has an estimated net worth of $2 million. He made her wealth primarily by uploading videos on his YouTube Channel.

Family and relationship:

Lee has a little sister that he once made a video with her on his Youtube channel. RiceGum lives somewhere in Nevada with his parents and sister. He keep saying that he has no girlfriend, so no one can say for sure as he discloses as little personal detail as possible.

Awards and nominations:

  • None

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