Kobe Bryant Net Worth 2017

Kobe Bryant Net Worth Forbes and Salary 2017:

Kobe Bryant was born on August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is an American retired professional basketball player and businessman, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers. He was been named NBA MVP once in 2008 and hold a multiples Records in the NBA History.

Kobe Bryant: The Beginning of success:

He was in Italy in his youth and spent part playing both soccer and basketball before Kobe’s parents moved back to USA.

The beginning of Kobe Bryant’s career was in Lower Merion High School, as he reached the basketball team at in Philadelphia. After that he was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets back in 1996, and quickly made a name for him. He started every game and was starting to be compared to the likes of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.

Kobe Bryant Personal Informations:

Kobe Bryant Height6 feet 6 in (198 cm)

Kobe Bryant Weight: 212 lbs (96 kg)

Kobe Bryant quotes: I’m more than comfortable just sitting back and scoring 21, 22 points or whatever and getting 10, 11 assists whatever the case might be. More than comfortable with that. It’s just a matter of the pieces that you have around you and what you can do to elevate everybody else.

During his career Kobe has earned over $ 300 million in salary with an annual salary of $25 million which made his   net worth of $350 million.

Family and relationship:

Kobe Bryant is married with Vanessa Bryant back in 2001 and they have two Daughters Natalie and Gianna.

Most people said that he is one of the Legends in the History of NBA as Michael Jordan.

Awards and nominations:

NBA champion (2000–2002, 2009, 2010)

NBA Most Valuable Player (2008)

NBA scoring champion (2006, 2007)

Golden Medal in 2008 Beijing and 2012 London.

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