Jerome Jarre Net worth 2017


Jerome Jarre Net worth Forbes and Salary 2017:

 Jerome Jarre  is a French entrepreneur, Vine star, and Snapchat star. He was born on June 12, 1990 in Albertville, Savoie, France. He has been famous for becoming one of the first Snapchat celebrities and one of the famous vine videos stars .

  Jerome Jarre: The Beginning of success:

 Jerome Jarre started his career by moving to China and started several businesses allowing him to move to Toronto and co-founded a software company in Canada, his ambitions made one of the first few people to have released a video when Vine was launched in January 2013, and His video ‘Don’t be afraid to love’ is considered to be one of the most viral videos. In 2013, Jerome Jarre started a one-of-its-kind video project on ‘Vine’ called ‘Humans . Also Ellen DeGeneres even asked him to be present at the 2014 ‘86th Academy Awards’ ceremony.

 Jerome Jarre Personal Information:

 Jerome Jarre Height: 6 feet 3 in (1.91 cm)

 Jerome Jarre Weight: 175 lbs (79 kg)

 Jerome Jarre quotes: “Everyone is looking for a purpose in life. The reason we all go to the cinema or online is because we haven’t found a purpose yet. We are always wondering why we’re here. But I’ve learned that we have to create that purpose for ourselves.” 

 Jerome Jarre makes money through Vine and a new talent agency company called “GrapeStory” specially founded for Vine and SnapChat stars also from making vines with several stars allowing  him to earn a Net Worth of   $ 3 million .

Family and relationship:

All we know about Jerome family that he has been raised only by his mother which we couldn’t found her name, also he has a brother we think that his brother is still in france along with his mother  

Awards and nominations:

2015 – Shorty Award for Snapchatter of the Year –
2017 – top of digital youth culture-The Webby award-

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