Imaqtpie Net worth 2017

Imaqtpie Net worth Forbes and Salary 2017:

Michael Santana best known under the nickname Imaqtpie is a formal professional gamer who used to play for Team Dignitas playing a game called league of legends .he was born Michael Santana on February 21, 1992 in   Florida in the USA .he has been famous for being TWITCH STAR who streams videos of himself playing the online game know of L.O.L.

Imaqtpie: The Beginning of success:

Imaqtpie as a professional gamer in 2011 when he used to play for the team Oh God Bears before he joined Rock Solid as their starting AD carry, The team went on to win the National ESL Premier League and were subsequently picked up by Team Dignitas, later Imaqtpie  played for more than three years with team Dignitas until he step down and dedicated himself to stream on twitch as professional gamer, On December 15th 2013, he appeared in an episode of Reflections and for today Imaqtpie has an account on Twitch, including more than 1.4 million fans and over 100 million total views.

Imaqtpie Personal Information:

Imaqtpie Height: unavailable

Imaqtpie Weight: unavailable

Imaqtpie quotes: “Pondering through the house, looking for an adventure, the no longer small cat ‘Smallcat’ pondered upon this majestic and fabulous being, the one and only Imaqtpie. As qtpie conquered his opponent and screeched his victorious chant « AYYYYY LMAAOO », Smallcat consentingly nodded his head. .

Imaqtpie makes money through his earning from twitch streaming publishing videos on his YouTube channel and being a professional gamer for Dignitas and made $31,997.65 From 21 Tournaments allowing him to reach a Net Worth of   $ 1 million.  

Family and relationship:

He has a girlfriend named Lisha. He frequently posts photos on his Twitter of his cats and dogs she also a League of Legends player.

Awards and nominations:

2011 –    2011 MLG Providence – dignitas got 3rd place

2012 – SoloMid Series – Week 5 – dignitas got 2nd place

2013 – LCS North America Season 3 Summer Playoffs-dignitas got 4rth place

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